Golf & Lifestyle Apparel

The fall of 2009 brought together several entrepreneurs that wanted to take their combined knowledge and experience and create a new brand. This brand would maintain a level of control over their manufacturing and styling, no outsourcing, no middleman.

Bermuda Sands Apparel started with just 7 shirts, but very quickly saw the need for growth within the company. With the "green grass" golf market in a slump, the low overhead and aggressive pricing of Bermuda Sands made for a shirt that would help keep shops in the black.

With the success of the initial selection of shirts, outer­wear seemed to be the next logical step in creating a well-rounded brand.

Bermuda Sands began developing an entirely new line of garments. Focusing on quality stitching and performance based fabrics; this new collection represented lifestyle ­focused garments, with an emphasis on luxury.

Now offering over 40 different styles in a wide selection of patterns and colors, Bermuda Sands continues to grow. Branching out into new markets and territories has also meant looking into new ways of reaching customers.
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